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The purpose of the Department of the Army’s Mass Transportation Benefit Program (MTBP) is to reduce Federal employees' contribution to traffic congestion and air pollution and to expand their commuting alternatives by using mass transportation.

This document provides consolidated policy and procedural guidance for establishing, operating and maintaining the MTBP.


This guide is to assist MTBP participants and Installation POCs with questions on handling and use of debit cards.

  • Applying for the debit card

  • Issuance and receipt of debit cards

  • Activation of debit cards

  • Allotment funding load

  • Change requests

  • Withdrawing from the program

  • Lost, stolen or damaged debit cards

  • Debit cards not used

  • Other questions

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Here’s how the TRANServe Debit Card works:

  1. Get your TRANServe Debit Card as directed by your agency.

  2. Activate your card by calling Chase Customer Service at 1-866-891-6951. You will need the following information: Work phone number, Work ZIP code, Your agency-assigned Common Identifier.

  3. Your transit benefit funds will be electronically deposited to your TRANServe Debit Card on the 10th day of each month.

  4. Select the “Credit” option when purchasing transit fare media.

  5. Any transit benefit funds you do not use by the end of the 9th day of the following month will be returned to your agency. 

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